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9 May
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Hello! I'm an artist hailing from Sacramento, CA. I spent the last year working in a City College Theatre department, making, and assembling costumes. My goals in art are to broaden and deepen my experience in as many fields of art as I can, while maintaining focus on the one with which I want to earn my living. I'm currenly studying Illustration and wish to be a freelance illustrator for children's books, video game design, comics, anything I can get my hands on really. I enjoy learning about many artistic techniques, as well as exploring other art forms, like music, theatre and dancing. I'm in the process of learning piano and guitar, though my practice times are sporadic at best, so progress is rather slow.

I have a first degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, but I haven't studied in many years, and have grown a bit larger than I'd like. Over the next few weeks I aim to start relearning all of my forms, and getting my technique back to what it once was. Over the next few months, I want to shed enough weight to feel like I can resume my study of the art and continue earning ranks. I would like to earn up to my third degree in my lifetime. I also would like to learn some Tai Chi, because it looks fun, and well... it's water bending. :3

I suppose this is a good start as to who I am, though there is more than I feel like writing more eloquently, then my interests lists.
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